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New Stock is here! 

Open from April 2024 at Bullocks Flat Skitube Terminal

Australia’s leading Ski Boot Fitter

Andy is one of the most sought after boot fitters in Australia today. Recognised by Ski Industries of Australia for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017 and 2018 for his ability and service. 

Technical Knowledge

Andy is renowned for his mastery to find the perfect fit whatever the shape of a foot.

It's a Passion

Andy lives in the mountains and skiing is his passion. You will have your boots fit by someone who lives and breathes the sport. 


Custom Bootfitting Andy Burford.jpg
Ski Boot Fitting

This is the ultimate ski boot fitting experience. Andy takes pride in providing customer service and if you're looking to buy new ski boots, or simply want a custom fit with the boots that you already own, this is for you. 


What’s involved?  

  • Consultation

  • Heat molding of liners and shell adjustment  (if required)

  • Stance alignment for ultimate performance

  • Custom footbed 


Please note: The cost of your chosen ski boot & footbed are not included. Boot prices vary based on performance level and style.

Footbed Fitting

Andy believes that well made footbeds are often the foundation of a great boot fit.


What's involved?

  • Consultation

  • Stance alignment

  • Custom footbeds


Please note: Don't forget to bring your socks and boots!

Health Check

Sore feet and not sure what to do? A quick health check with Andy on your existing boots will give you the best advice on the next steps for you. The goal is to get you on the mountain and enjoy a pain free day. 


What's involved?

  • Assessment

  • Boot recommendations

  • Advice on the best next steps for you

To see Andy for a health check please call.  


Andy Burford is 
The Boot Fitter

Over the last 3 decades Andy Burford has mastered the craft of finding the perfect ski boot for anyone. Andy’s incredible career of instructing and ski race coaching has taught him when it comes to enjoying the sport, the importance of comfortable and well performing ski boots is the breakthrough to enjoyment. His passion for skiing and dedication to customer service has made many skier’s feet happy.


Book some time with The Boot Fitter. You’ll fall head over heels for your boots. 


The shop is conveniently located at Bullocks Flat Skitube Terminal.  


Thank you for your interest and ongoing support! 

Andy Burford The Boot Fitter.jpg

Meet Andy Burford 
Andy is Australia’s leading ski boot fitter and one of the most sought after in Australia today. 

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